Flowers for Slovakia

Flowers for Slovakia is extraordinary project for extraordinary students. It’s concept is based on idea of giving special possibilities to selected students who highlighted themselves with their attitude, talent an their skills in the field of design.

Flowers for Slovakia is a platform that is aimed to communicate these special idea through its media partners, its communication platforms and exhibitions in Slovakia as well as abroad.

Project team consists of 2 project authors – Prague based designers Dipl.-Ing. Peter Olah and Dipl.-Ing. Lars Kemper, who came with the main idea and started the co-operation with the Institute of Design (namely akad. soch. Milan Lukáč, ArtD. and Mgr. art Michala Lipková).

The very first phase of the project was finding the logo – designed by Jakub Pollág. The logo tells the idea of LOVE, a motive behind giving flowers as a present to someone – showing esteem and respect at the same time. This is as well the motivation behind the whole project – appreciating qualities of young Slovak design.

Thanks to financial support from Slovak Ministry of Culture Emil Beluš Fund we were able to organize two workshops – one in Banská Štiavnica, focused on ideation, and second one in Ajeto Glassworks in Nový Bor (CZ), supported by Lasvit s.r.o.

The name of this first serie of workshops was Handle with Care – derived from the material we worked with = glass.

For more information and updates check the project’s website.

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