The Institute of Design recognizes strategic potential of the transfer
of academic know-how to practice. Long-term vision of the Institute is
to define effective mechanism for commercialization and economic
monetization of most of the ideas that are born at the university and let
these ideas to contribute to development of local entrepreneurial environment.

Therefor the cooperation with companies and production, intensive and agile
connection to commercial environment are the main priorities of Institute’s
recent year’s strategy. Beside its core educational activities (the Institute
provides undergraduate Bachelor degree program, 2 graduate master study
programs and doctoral study program), the Institute of Design provides
consultancy in the field of integrated product development, industrial
design and multimedia presentation.

Thanks to recently established Product Development Research Center,
which is a part of the University Science Parks, the Institute is able to not
only design, but as well prototype and test industrially manufactured products.

The facilities of the modelmaking studio, digital fabrication and visualisation
laboratory in combination with product photography studio provide the full
setup for integrated product development, including initial phase of exploring
the first ideas, qualitative user testing, rapid prototyping, production optimisation
and final marketing presentation.