Ties for writers

The Centre for Information on Literature in cooperation with Slovak Design Centre turned on us to create ties for festival Days of Slovak Literature. Result should be author’s interpretation or inspiration by writer or his work. On festival performed 26 writers (for example Tomáš Janovic, Daniel Hevier, Dušan Dušek, Pavel Vilikovský), who had to choose one, the most sympathetic tie and wear it. On project participated also Academy of Fine Arts and Design – Department of Textile. Together involved 17 students and created 31 ties.

The winner became student of Department of Design STU Marián Ščípa. Writers chose his tie, which was inspired by the work of writer and consists of pens. Prize (interesting books) handed on director of the Centre for Information on Literature Miroslava Vallová and director of Slovak Design Centre Mgr. Katarína Hubová.

Congratulations to the winner!

Students who participated on project:

Jakušová Mária

Novosedliak Marek

Polák Vladimír

Szitás Csaba

Ščípa Marián

Tóth Adam

photo: © Mária Šimková, © Slovak Design Center

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