Národná cena za dizajn 2011

Announcement of the winners of National Design Prize of Slovakia took place on the 27th of May 2011 in Dom umenia – Námestie SNP in Bratislave – we are proud to announce that there were several students of the Institute of Design among the NCD winners.

For the first time this year there was the special prize of the National Agency for Developement of Small Bussiness and Medium Enerprises. The winner of this award is Mgr. art. Zuzana Trizuljaková, with her project of the Reflection vest (diploma thessis in the studio of Peter Paliatka – as a part of the project Škoda Fit2Lifestyle).

Honourable mention received as well the project Unicef: School for Africa. Awarded students were following: Matej Rudinský (Holder, school bag and water container), Adam Horváth (School bag made of container), Lucia Krchová (Recyled swing) a Martina Cibereová (X – chair). This project, which you might have read about on our website already, was lead by Ing. Tomáš Nagy, ArtD. and Mgr. art. Eva Vitkovská.

The first prize in the category of Product Design went to  the company OMS Lightning – for their new Lightning Collection – one of the awarded designers of OMS is Mgr. art. Ján Štofko, who graduated at ID at the FA STU in 2010, with his thesis Interior Lightning for OMS.

Congratultions to all the winners!

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